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Platoyo for retail cooperatives

Platoyo is the central digitization point for retail cooperatives.

The functions of the platform are almost perfectly designed for the needs and requirements of association groups, cooperatives and purchasing associations.


The sales platform for bags and leather goods

With over 350 retail partners, the largest leather goods retail group in Europe launched a digital sales platform within eight weeks.
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Buying Association Groups

Associations discovering big potential of marketplaces

Platforms managed by associations open up great potential in e-commerce, which neither chain stores nor generalists can match. This is creating new and strong marketplaces with a correspondingly diverse range of products and services, including on-site local services. The range of functions available out-of-the-box to association groups for the digitization of their members is unique in this form and the strongest "Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)" solution in the market.

Ralf Herzog Manager E-Commerce / Multichannel, GOLDKRONE

A strong trade association

7 reasons for a Platoyo platform

Digitization of members

Digitization of members

Digitization of members is still a big challenge for many association groups. Platoyo helps with automated web presences, one common online platform, product data management & extensive trainings.
Product data management

Product data management

The association group platform centrally records the product data of suppliers & brands. This allows maximum flexibility in dealing with different data of the members.
Member loyalty

Member loyalty

A strong IT infrastructure is the basis of the association group platform and creates advantages for all participating companies.
Low cost

Low cost

A common platform at the association group level is much cheaper than the sum of all the expenses that members would have to incur individually for digitization.
New revenue opportunities

New revenue opportunities

Platform operators participate in the sales of their members with a transaction fee and optional basic fees.
Greater reach

Greater reach

The platform achieves much higher SEO effects than the efforts of individual members.
Control inventories

Control inventories

Members permanently report their inventories to the platform. This data can also be used to optimize purchasing and logistics.

This is how we guide our customers to digitization

As a trade association

Fast digitization of members and your products
Central collection of product data from suppliers & brands
Low cost per participant
Member engagement through a strong IT infrastructure
Increase in reach through cross-member online marketing
Extensive data evaluation of your platform
Direct contact person
Active knowledge exchange

For your members

A quick installation of your own online presence
New revenues from online sales
Central availability of product data
Individual connection of product inventories and prices (e.g. merchandise management system)
Lower commission rates than the big players
Efficient marketing through platform reach
Gaining valuable customer data
Assistance from our support team
Success Story
Data transformer
Trade association plattform

Important features for trade associations

Online marketplace

All members' products are displayed in a central marketplace with a shopping cart that spans all dealers.

Link to merchandise management systems

Stocks and prices can be automatically synchronized with the retailers' merchandise management systems.

Product data

Platoyo can process various sources of product master data and merge them with the inventory data of the members.


Platform operators can play out seasonal content that is targeted and interesting for customers.

Combined SEO power

The platform achieves top rankings in local search queries through topic-centric content.

Automatic settlements

All processes for billing and invoicing as well as distributions are fully automated.

BaFin compliant payment processing

The payment transactions are of course BaFin-compliant with the help of a world-renowned payment service provider.


Platoyo is one of the leading specialists for SaaS marketplaces in the area of headless commerce. The entire know-how is available to customers without restriction.

Trainings & support

Platoyo will provide training and education for participating resellers on request, as well as ongoing support for end customers via phone and email on your behalf.

Maintain control

Platform operators have insights into the inventories of their members. In this way, processes in purchasing and logistics can be optimized.

Platoyo offers you over 200 features for a fully featured online marketplace. View the complete list here: Feature Overview.

Our Platform as a Service Promise

The setup and operation of a new marketplace is done without risks within a few days with Platoyo. The technology, which has matured over the years, allows the connection of stationary available offers and services of the members with all the possibilities of a modern and highly scalable online marketplace architecture.

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