Frontend Developer (m/f/d)

remote / Salzburg / Freilassing

To strengthen our team in Salzburg / Freilassing / Remote, we are looking for a Frontend Developer (m/f/d) with immediate effect.

Creating an online marketplace in no time at all? This is easily done with Platoyo! We offer online marketplaces as Platform as a Service (PaaS) to our customers. More than 3,000 dealers from over 400 cities with over 10 million products in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg are now active on the various Platoyo platforms.

We continue to grow enormously - that's why we need you!

Your Job

As a Frontend Developer you will work on our core product, the Platform as a Service (Paas). It offers retailers, chain stores, associations or cities all the tools to establish themselves in local commerce. We offer many features for the perfect connection between offline and online retail. Our features range from product search, shopping carts, payments and order processing through automatic invoice generation, product imports and integrations in ERP systems to city voucher systems, event calendars and custom micro shops.

You will work in a self-sufficient team of 7 developers, either at our office in Freilassing or at a home office of your choice. Thanks to our flexible working hours, you decide for yourself when and where you work.

In your daily work you'll take care to give our users the best experience possible and contribute directly to their shopping experience! By implementing design- and animation-concepts, optimizing flows based on data analysis and planning projects together with our partners, designers and backend engineers you have a huge impact on our product!

To give you a better insight into our projects, here is a short list of examples that we have recently implemented with our team:

  • A feature DB that enables A/B testing of new functions and configurations per installation. This enabled whitelabel partners to configure their customized marketplace even more easily.

  • Mobile optimized Vue.js app for easily editing products based on a GraphQL interface, which is also used by external partners.

  • Microshops for retailers based on marketplace data, including custom domains. This means that you have your own web shop out of the box, offside the marketplace.

  • Optimizing our internal JS tooling (e.g. we currently change from Webpacker to esbuild)

  • Development of our brand database with search, interface and integration into the product import. Helps especially when finding products and the Google ranking of our products.

  • Performance optimizations regarding load times and mobile devices

How we work

Component-based Design

We are fans of simple code, encapsulated components & good abstractions


We constantly challenge each other to write even better code

Tests, Tests, Tests

We are too lazy to test by hand. That's what our test suite is for, which we cherish and maintain


Dockerized Environments guarantee us the same runtime in development, test & production (no “...but it works on my laptop!” or “...that only works with Linux”)

Deploy all the Things

We release several times a day. Our Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline deploys your changes to all systems with one click

Infrastructure as Code

Our infrastructure is also defined with code and is under version control. We use Terraform, Packer and Ansible.

Code Style

Linting tools such as Rubocop, eslint, stylelint & slim-lint reduce our churn rate, guarantee a uniform coding style and help us to improve code quality

Quality Driven Development

We build sustainable, sophisticated & resilient solutions, where code remains stable and adaptable even after a long time


We keep our throughput high, avoid bottlenecks and are fans of global optimization

Customer First

We look for pragmatic solutions from the perspective of our customers


Automatic security checks for every commit (Brakeman & CVE audits)

Code vs. Documentation

Good & readable code replaces any documentation

Pair Programming

More eyes == better code

MLP (Minimum Lovable Product)

A feature is only finished when it’s fun to use

Radical Candor

We address things directly. A top team and thus a top product can only be created through sincere, open and constructive debates


Deep dive into areas like Full-Text-Search, Statistics, Payment Systems, API Design, SEO, Usability, Backend / Frontend Performance, Mobile Optimization, DB & Model Design, Big Data Processing, AWS Services & DevOps, E-Money...

Learning-Culture & Coaching

You’ll never stop growing with us. We constantly support you to become a better developer and learn new things

Our Tech stack

Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, Vue Native + Expo, Slim, SCSS, GraphQL, MySQL, AWS Hosting, Elasticsearch, Redis, Memcached, Datadog, Airbrake

Version Control System

Git & Gitlab

Ticket System

Clickup & Trello


Linux, Windows, Mac with Vim, VSCode or Atom. Everyone works in the environment in which they feel comfortable

What you can expect

Outstanding salary

Outstanding salary

Top developers deserve a great paycheck. Based on your experience between 55.000 - 80.000 € gross per year (full-time)
Austrian salary

Austrian salary

For our austrian employees we pay the usual 13th and 14th salary
No All-in Contract

No All-in Contract

38.5h per week & quick overtime compensation
Free time management

Free time management

Only one fixed team meeting per week, otherwise flextime without fixed core working hours ("9:00-5:00" was yesterday)
Permanent employment

Permanent employment

We are a well-coordinated team that values long-term and sustainable cooperation
Long-term projects

Long-term projects

We don't rush from task to task like an agency! We are constantly developing our own PaaS product
Office / home office / remote

Office / home office / remote

You decide for yourself when and where you work


Location Freilassing with free coffee, tea, drinks, fruit baskets & yoghurts from regional suppliers


Ergonomic chairs & tables
Top of the Line Equipment

Top of the Line Equipment

You choose your hardware and we'll add two 27" monitors on top!


Our highly motivated and helpful team of 14 people from Germany, Austria and Pakistan is looking forward to seeing you
Getting there

Getting there

Very good train connections to Freilassing (Salzburg 10m, Munich 1h30m, Vienna 2h15m), parking spaces for your car, bike paths to Salzburg
Public transport ticket or E-Bike

Public transport ticket or E-Bike

We pay for your annual ticket for the Salzburger Verkehrsverbund (SVV) or rent an e-bike for you
Continuing education

Continuing education

Conferences, books and workshops are on us
Employee voucher

Employee voucher

You get 44€ tax-free benefits for our own marketplace per month

Your Profile

We're not looking for people with a long list of specific skills. We want motivated, eager to learn and clever colleagues who give their best and fit into our team. As a frontend developer you already have several years of experience in web development, the ability to quickly dive into new things and enjoy transfering your knowledge to your colleagues in terms of mentoring and coaching.

Some of the points in “How we work” should sound familiar to you, and we will give you enough time to get you started with all the others. Ideally, you have already worked with Vue.js or a similar framework. Alternatively, with your in-depth experience in Vanilla JS or other frameworks and enough curiosity, you will find your way around quickly. Bonus: You have already worked with some pieces of our tech stack and you like ducks.

Application & Contact

Let's find out if we are a good match. Make an appointment with Hubert right here so you can discuss all the details of your application:

Schedule an appointment now

Alternatively, you can email us a short cover letter together with your résumé to

Describe why you want to work at Platoyo, what excites you most about your work and how you fit into our team. One or two paragraphs are more than enough. Rather than sending us your résumé, you can also tell us your LinkedIn or Xing profile. If you have open source projects on Github or Gitlab, we would be happy to see them too.

We are looking forward to meeting you.