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Find out how Platoyo built a platform - consisting of the joint online marketplace and individual online stores for each retailer - for the largest leather goods retail association in Europe in just eight weeks.

GOLDKRONE in numbers

  • 700 Specialty stores

  • 350 Retailer

  • 110 million € Central settlement sales

Our Platform as a Service Promise

In the initial meeting, it became clear that the association group had already had negative experiences with IT service providers for setting up a platform, and in-house development was out of the question due to a lack of know-how and resources. The association group had a fixed budget and needed a solution without technical risks, with clearly plannable milestones and full functionality right from the start. After a short joint analysis, it turned out that Platoyo's Platform-as-a-Service model was the ideal solution.

One major challenge remained: on the one hand, the joint online marketplace was welcomed in principle by the association group members, but on the other hand, the retailers signaled only limited willingness to actively participate in marketing the overall platform due to competition among themselves. The solution to this "conflict of interest" was to provide individual "automated online shops" ("bagmondo-connect-shops" in GOLDKRONE terms) via which each member can operate a fully automated online store with its own domain, logo and other customization options.

Ralf Herzog - Manager eCommerce / Multichannel GOLDKRONE

"Members of our retail cooperative should be able to present their offers, services and goods and sell them online via a modern and easy-to-use platform. The local presence and presentation of the POS are the focus of".


After the initial analysis, the following three main tasks were formulated together with GOLDKRONE:

  1. becomes an open online marketplace for all market participants in the leather goods industry.

  2. all product data will be organized centrally. Each participant will be digitized with his products. For onboarding, Platoyo guarantees maximum flexibility through the "We take what you got" principle. Everyone, including brands & suppliers, contributes data, regardless of the format and the way it is delivered: XML, CSV, JSON, TXT via FTP, API, HTTP, Dropbox, Email. Platoyo's data transformer unifies these data structures. A heterogeneous data chaos becomes a usable homogeneous data flow.

  3. every participant receives his own basic profile on the platform within the onboarding process. This has numerous functions that make the shopping experience between participant (provider) and end customer modern and simple. Optionally, each participant receives a fully functional Online store with its own domain, automated SSL management, its own Google Analytics evaluation and much more.


GOLDKRONE had the ambitious wish to officially launch its new platform at the BAG&ORDER trade show within eight weeks.

The dealers were able to register independently on the platform, fill out their profiles and upload profile pictures just a few days after the project start. The Platoyo support team and GOLDKRONE provided uncomplicated and rapid assistance.

The merchants' merchandise management systems were connected to the platform and the brands were asked to provide their product data. Products from almost 100 different brands are currently offered on Affenzahn, Deuter, Gerry Weber, Kapten & Son, Liebeskind, Marco O' Polo and many more.

At the same time, GOLDKRONE set up a dealer expert council in order to incorporate the exact wishes and needs of the participants into the development of the platform in a targeted manner. The council met digitally once a week during the implementation phase, and now once a month.

Many questions also arose regarding the rapid organization and integration of internal processes such as legal support for platform-wide GTCs and data protection regulations as well as the entire accounting. In the end, the solution for this was relatively simple. The Platoyo team takes care of all internal processes and just sends a credit note to GOLDKRONE at the end of the month about the revenues generated by the platform.

Just in time for the start of the trade fair, the platform could be opened. The feedback of the dealers and suppliers was very pleasing, in the meantime very considerable results could be achieved.



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Profilseite eines Händlers


Ralf Herzog
Manager E-Commerce / Multichannel
Tel: +49 6182 928 6040

Carolin Erber, Consultant Platoyo

Carolin Erber
Consultant Platforms & Marketplaces
Tel: +49 8654 774 17 22

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